At A-listers, we know yesterday’s seller is tomorrow’s buyer

We are committed to placing our focus to the core of each and every transaction

Which is not just the property being bought or sold, but the people involved

We realise that in a fast-paced world where so much business is moving online, that personal connection is still vital when making life changing sales or purchases.

A-Listers Gold Coast Real Estate
A-Listers Gold Coast Real Estate
We also believe when you love what you do, it shows, and to us, care is more than just a word. It is the foundation of all the other virtues our agents operate by.

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What We Do 
Incredibly Well

At the highest level, A-listers empowers people to break through barriers and make smarter decisions with regards to how they sell their property.

We believe that the roots of great success are great relationships, which is why with A-listers you get real partners, not a sales pitch. Your challenges are our challenges, and we understand that reality happens, and you need a team who are genuinely wanting you to feel confident and comfortable throughout the sales process.

We are interested in helping you solve your biggest problems…whether that means teaching you how to do it yourself, or partnering with us to help you get it done together. Either way, “being ridiculously helpful” means you’ll be glad you came to A-listers for ideas and answers.

We know how important it is to challenge common conventions and think outside the box in order to stay ahead of the curve. Innovation requires challenging some outdated practices.

We strive to create transparent conversations in everything we do, and we pride ourselves in being honest and realistic in our strategic recommendations, including what we believe are the right moves for a person or organization. If we don’t believe in it ourselves, we won’t recommend it for you either.

Everyone who engages with our family of agents knows that we thrive on making swift and smart sales and that as a team we are always looking for opportunities to grow in the way we do this.

Excellence is what we strive for in everything that we create, and we know how to help you do that too. Our goal is to proliferate well-thought-out strategies that produce exceptional listings and remarkable results.


Brent and Danielle
Gold Coast

We could not be happier with the team at A-Listers real estate. They are so caring and understanding. They treated us like family and we will never forget it.

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